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#13: anonymous

teen wolf + tilt shift 3/?

Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love.
Unknown (via habby-and-beb)


teen wolf meme

» two werewolves

when you run with the doctor, it feels like it will never end

when you run with the doctor, it feels like it will never end


just let me tell you nicki minaj and beyoncé are the type of women we need like man they’re so strong with what they do and they don’t take shit from anyone i want to be like that one day

Jenna with blue flowers…[x]

Jenna with blue flowers…[x]


Phil Noto ~ Superhero Candids
My favorite is Sue staring at Johnny in the UN Lobby.


Bastille/20 piece string orchestra - Pompeii (Remixes)


Pompeii (Cinematic Version) - Bastille (accompanied by a twenty-piece string orchestra) (x)


antimonio requested: “I thought maybe you could do something with Derek/Stiles/Sheriff as a family?; something like Derek/Stiles are friends (or dating or whatever) and the Sheriff kind of “adopts” Derek in the family”

Sterek AU: when Derek’s flat gets flooded the Sheriff proposes Derek stays with the Stilinskis for the time being. It’s a great idea since Derek and Stiles has been best friends since junior high and the Sheriff treats Derek as his third (the second being Scott) son. And haven’t Stiles and Derek finally pulled their heads out of their asses and started dating since Stiles went to college?[hint: they haven’t]